Fire! Fire! Fire!OST Операция "Мёртвый снег"-Animal Alpha

музыка из фильма операция мертвый снег

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Исполнитель: Animal Alpha

Песня: Fire! Fire! Fire!(OST Операция "Мёртвый снег")

Длительность: 03:18

Добавлен: 2015-04-12

Текст песни просмотрели: 826

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You don't wanna know what I've got to do
if I know that everything is controlled
by "una loca"
Wanna tell you, but I think I better not
I think you like it
Tell me when you like it honey
Eat that shit, it's entertaining
It's a longstanding family business
It's a ride, that's what we call it
It's the right way to light the bold head on


They will never see what you're to be
Knowing all your acts, responsibilities
You will never know the things
we're putting in you
You will never know I know
you've got it in you
Lick it all up, swallow it raw, get down
One day with God will finish the job, get down
Here you got yourselves a blessing, going safely
It's a riot, now put the friggin' freak-show on


You're standing right beside my bed
head banging to the things I've said
I need that dedication
Bloated bellboy-neck
Get ready

Shoot that girl, she's trying to win
Shoot that boy, I'm going in
Let me assure you that this birthday
party you've rejoined
is not the one you left
I hope you've kept yourself informed
Lick it all up, swallow it raw, get down
One day with God will finish the job
now, get down
This is a message and we all
know who it's really meant for
Don't forget you're on borrowed time
You're on...


Dead Snow 2 VFX breakdown
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